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Apple’s commitment to sustainability has been evident in its products for years. From using recycled materials to reducing carbon emissions, the tech giant has been making strides towards a greener future. One area where Apple has focused its sustainability efforts is the packaging. The latest-gen iPhones, for example, come in eco-friendly packaging that is entirely plastic-free.

Apple Original iPhone 1 Unboxing

MKBHD, a popular tech reviewer and YouTuber, recently unboxed an original iPhone 1 that he bought at an auction for $40,000 (approx Rs 32 Lakhs). The unboxing revealed the surprising elements that came with the original iPhone packaging.

Original iPhone 1 Content

The plastic-wrapped iPhone 1 is packaged with a black microfiber cloth, wired earbuds, stickers, a manual, and stickers. A charging station, a charger, and a 30-pin charging cable are also included in the packing, which was typical back when Apple gadgets were first released. The iPhone comes in a spotless silver body, and the screen is without any scratches. However, the most significant difference in the packaging of the original iPhone compared to the latest-gen iPhones is the presence of plastic.

The unboxing also revealed some unusual elements that came with the original iPhone 1. The MKBHD has a huge SIM card within the SIM slot because it is an AT&T version of the iPhone. Additionally, the initial iPhone had to be configured via iTunes, which Apple discontinued in 2019.

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Although customers can download an older version of the software, MKBHD pointed out that doing so is still difficult. Additionally, there was no Apple Store or wallpaper-changing option with the first-generation iPhone.

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