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YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform owned by Google, has made an announcement today regarding the discontinuation of YouTube Stories. Effective June 26, 2023, YouTube will be shutting down its Stories feature as it shifts its focus towards other important areas, including Shorts, Community posts, live videos, and its core long-form content. YouTube plans to inform creators about this change through multiple channels, such as forum posts, in-app messages, reminders in YouTube Studio, and more, ensuring they are aware of the impending shutdown.

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In the aftermath of TikTok’s surge in popularity, the once-ubiquitous Stories format, which was once adopted by numerous social apps, has started losing its appeal. Nowadays, platforms are embracing the vertical short-form video format pioneered by TikTok, as opposed to the more transient and informal Stories format.

YouTube is not the only platform to step away from the Stories format. Netflix had previously experimented with a similar feature called “Extras” in its mobile app, which showcased videos and photos from popular shows. However, Netflix shifted its focus to vertical video content with the introduction of features like “Fast Laughs,” a feed for short-form comedy videos, and a vertical video feature targeted at kids.

LinkedIn also discontinued its Stories feature in 2021. Although Spotify recently introduced a Stories-like feature for artists’ profiles, its overall redesign emphasizes TikTok-inspired discovery feeds as its main emphasis.


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