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The leader in CRM, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), debuted Slack GPT at the World Tour NYC event today. Slack GPT is a new conversational AI experience that is directly integrated into Slack and will transform the way work is performed. Slack GPT will provide users with the option to employ generative AI app integrations, a variety of language models, and the capability to access secure customer data insights from Slack’s Customer 360 and Data Cloud.

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In addition to this, it will collaborate with Einstein GPT to release the potential of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and conversational data in order to boost overall organizational productivity. However, it is important to note that end users won’t be able to get their hands on SlackGPT for some time. According to Salesforce, the AI capabilities that will be included in the new Slack platform are still in the process of being created and tested.

According to Salesforce, the generative experience provided by SlackGPT is centered on three primary aspects: the presence of native AI capabilities inside the Slack app; the incorporation of automated workflows that embed AI activities; and the incorporation of the Einstein GPT app within the platform. The corporate users of Slack will find that the native capabilities, such as summarization and drafting assistance, which are presently being prototyped for the Slack user experience, will be of great value to them.

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For example, if there are many unread messages in a channel, a user has the option to acquire a summary of what has been discussed with only the click of a button. Additionally, a user may catch up on a missed huddle by asking for a summary of what was discussed as well as any action items. They may also utilize the writing assistant, which is accessible through a dedicated button in the message composer and the Slack canvas, to produce material from scratch, condense information, and modify the tone of their work.

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