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As X continues to roll out its new job listings to verified business profiles in the app, it’s also working on another new element, in job “matchmaking” to help users find relevant opportunities.

Though how exactly that will work remains to be seen. On LinkedIn, it’s able to recommend open roles to you based on your education and career history, as well as listed skills, LinkedIn Learning courses you’ve completed, your search history, who you interact with, etc.

X won’t have anywhere near as much related data to go on, but maybe, it’ll be able to build an algorithm which matches the content that you post about most with the job ad, along with location info and interaction history.

Maybe that will enable it to facilitate more accurate job ad matches, but it seems like it’ll be starting well back from LinkedIn, or other job match platforms, in this respect.

X’s new job listings on company profiles are now listed as an official feature of its Verification for Organizations package, which costs $1,000 per month, but gives you a gold checkmark for your business.

X Verification for Organizations

I mean, if it were real gold that might start to make some sense. But for most organizations, that high price point is likely a significant deterrent, though X has been “gifting” the badge and its associated benefits to a range of high-profile businesses in the app, in the hopes of pushing more brands to take up the package, in order to remain on par with the competition,

That seemingly hasn’t been an effective tactic to boost adoption as yet. But maybe, as it continues to improve the overall offering, it’ll eventually see more brands paying up at this higher price point, which could go a long way towards helping the company reach its subscription revenue goals.

Along this line, X is also looking to add more incentives, like priority post display in the app (as noted in the image above), and soon, access to an improved TweetDeck. Or “X Pro” as it’s now called.

Maybe, if it can build a truly effective post management platform, with a range of analytics tools, that could sweeten the deal for brands, and there are certainly a lot of businesses that are already posting open roles in the app, so the job listings feature will have some interest.

It’s be interesting to see what the X team can come up with in this respect, and whether it can indeed develop a better way to highlight relevant opportunities to users based on the data that it has.

It’s another sign of X’s expanding ambitions, though we’re now waiting to see if it can match that with smart, effective innovations that advance beyond the scope of what Twitter has been.

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