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X is steadily evolving its new verification packages, with its Verification for Organizations program recently getting an upgrade in an effort to further entice brands to pay $1,000 USD for a gold tick.

Which is a big ask, and it seems unlikely that most businesses will even be able to afford such. But for big organizations, maybe the value of having extra brand security will justify the spend, along with the extra benefits.

X Verification for Organizations

As you can see in this overview, shared by app researcher Yaroslav, X recently updated the welcome screen overview for its Verified Organizations package, which now more clearly outlines the additional benefits, including priority exposure and premium support, which has been a key offering of Meta’s verification package.

Indeed, some organizations are signing up to Meta Verified purely to address long-standing account issues, with the capacity to get direct support proving to be worth the expense, at least in the short-term.

Now X is offering similar, with the new wording pledging:

“30 minute average response times to any question you may have about X”

That could help you get faster account support, though again, it will cost you, with the package being, at the least, a $1,000 outlay for the first month of your subscription.

As you can also see in this list, X is now also promoting its new on-profile job listings feature, which it’s been testing in recent months. Some brands in the US now have access to this option, which could be of benefit to businesses that generate a lot of interest in the app.

Twitter job listings

As some brands have noted, they’ve already made several hires via X/Twitter connection, and as such, the addition of job listings is a logical extension. The question then is how many people are actually visiting your brand profile, and will even see these listings, though X is also working on additional ways to share and highlight these job ads to maximize interest.

It’s hard to tell how popular X’s Verification for Organizations offering has been thus far, because while there are quite a few gold checkmarks in the app, many of these have been ”gifted” by X management, as a reward for high spending advertisers and brands that it wants to keep around in the app.

Which is a smart move, which effectively establishes artificial demand for the gold ticks. Now that some organizations have the marker, others will want to be viewed on that same level, which could prompt more to sign up to the high-end brand support program.

But overall, much like its regular X Blue (soon to be called “X Premium”) program, it’s been a confusing transition from the old blue tick system, to the updated, multi-icon display, which provides no real improvement to the user experience.

But maybe, with dedicated account support elements, and increased exposure, whatever that may be, more brands will now be considering their options, though it will be interesting to see how X can continue to offer increased exposure if more businesses do sign on.

I mean, you’ll have increased exposure for both Blue subscribers and brands, which will mean that eventually, that “For You” feed could get pretty crowded with those posts.

That won’t leave much room for anything else, which is partly the point, but it may not lead to the best user experience.

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