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A lawsuit has been filed against OpenAI by a collective of writers, including Michael Chabon, David Henry Hwang, Rachel Louise Snyder, and Ayelet Waldman, alleging the unlawful utilization of their content to train the ChatGPT chatbot.

The suit, seeking class-action status, accuses OpenAI of deriving unauthorized and illegal benefits and profits from their copyrighted material. It highlights ChatGPT’s ability to summarize and analyze their work, asserting that such capabilities could only result from the use of their content in training OpenAI’s GPT models, characterizing these outputs as infringing ‘derivative’ works.

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The lawsuit contends that OpenAI knowingly violated copyright terms and acted willfully, with disregard for the rights of the authors and class members. Notably, Michael Chabon was among the 10,000 authors who signed an open letter advocating for consent, credit, and fair compensation for authors involved in AI model training. This lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal actions taken by authors against OpenAI regarding its use of training data, with a call to halt unlawful practices and seek damages for copyright violations and related penalties.

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