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The cases of online scammers are keep on increasing in the country as scammers has taken different routes to cheat people. We recently reported on a couple from Gujarat who were defrauded of Rs 1 crore by a scammer who lured them into the ticketing business for working from home, prompting them to buy movie tickets online and watch various films from Bollywood, Hollywood, and South cinema. In a recent incident a woman from Gurugram has lost an hefty amount in urge of getting paid for movie review.

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Reports claim that Divya, who becomes the victim of the scam, works for an MNC in Gurugram and has lost Rs 76 lakh in the urge to get a part-time job. She is a resident of New Colony, and in her complaint, she claims that on February 25, 2023, a scammer who introduced her as Meera connected on Telegram with a part-time job offer.

The victim was contacted two days later by someone named Tejaswi on WhatsApp. Tejaswi informed the victim about a part-time job where she would need to rate films on the Bitmaxfilm.com app. Tejaswi also requested the victim to register and begin rating films to earn additional income.

In her complaint, the victim revealed that the scammer provided her with an account number to make deposits and start the job. Excited by the opportunity, she created an account on Bitmaxfilm.com and deposited cash multiple times.

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According to the victim’s complaint, she deposited Rs 29,500 and Rs 82,541 in two separate transactions, following the scammer’s instructions. The scammer informed her that she had to complete 30 tickets to increase her level, but the platform showed a negative balance of Rs 5,48,658, and she was asked to deposit Rs 9,59,357 to finish the final ticket. However, the victim was later told that she had reached level 8 and needed to complete 35 tickets instead.

It was later discovered that despite depositing a total of Rs 76,84,493 into the Bitmaxfilm.com app account, the victim was unable to withdraw her earnings, leading her to realize that she had fallen victim to a scam.

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