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Who doesn’t love subscriptions?

Microsoft may move to a paid subscription model for Windows 12, the next major iteration of the PC operating system. Deskmodder, a German site, spotted subscription-centric language in a code for a new Windows build that hints at Microsoft’s plans to nix free upgrades, per Neowin. It would be a change for the consumer-facing version of Windows. Microsoft currently offers complimentary Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 users with eligible PCs.

Of course, these are just a few lines of code that may not really mean anything right now. Microsoft hasn’t even confirmed that Windows 12 exists yet. And if it does exist, it may be called something else entirely upon its release. As XDA pointed out, we know next to nothing about the next version of Windows — aside from the fact that it may launch in 2024. But also it might not. Who knows?

Whenever the next Windows comes out, though, just know that it may go the way of Adobe Creative Cloud. How you feel about that is completely up to you.

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