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WhatsApp has introduced its new Channels feature in India, providing a platform for channel administrators to share updates, news, and information without cluttering personal chats, ensuring users stay well-informed. The rollout of the channel feature is scheduled to occur in stages. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and using channels on WhatsApp.

To access WhatsApp channels, just tap on the ‘Updates’ tab located on your WhatsApp Home Screen and swipe downward.

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How to Create a WhatsApp Channel?

Creating WhatsApp channels is as straightforward as forming WhatsApp groups. If you’ve received the update that introduces WhatsApp channels and you wish to create one yourself, follow these simple steps to establish WhatsApp channels.

Please note that not everyone may have the option to create channels at this time. Stay tuned for future updates, but if you have the channel creation option, here’s how to proceed:

Navigate to the ‘Updates’ tab.
In the Updates tab, tap the plus icon (+), then select the “New Channel” option.
Tap on ‘Get started’ then add the channel’s profile picture and description.
Once you’ve completed these details, select ‘Create channel,’ and your WhatsApp channel will be created.
Share the invite link through messages, email, or the web to invite people to join the channel.

How to Adjust Channel Privacy Settings

While creating channels, you have the flexibility to choose whether your channel should be private or public. If you inadvertently select the wrong option during channel creation, here’s how to rectify it:

Tap on your channel’s name or profile picture at the top.

Scroll down to access channel settings.
Select ‘Privacy settings.’
Adjust the privacy settings from private to public or vice versa as per your preference.

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