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In response to a pervasive and deceptive scam, the Delhi High Court has issued a directive to the Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell to launch a comprehensive investigation. This scam involves fraudulent activities under the guise of the popular online fashion and lifestyle brand, AJIO. Scammers of this scheme have reportedly been employing tactics such as prize money schemes and scratch cards/coupons to dupe unsuspecting individuals into depositing money for these sham offers.

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What Is AJIO Scam?

The court’s decisive action comes in response to a formal complaint lodged by Reliance Industries, the entity behind the e-commerce platform The perpetrators of this elaborate scam have been systematically defrauding victims by persuading them to deposit varying amounts, ranging from Rs. 5,000 to 10 lakhs. They do so by promising victims that they will gain access to valuable scratch cards, all upon making the requested deposits.

Employing a sophisticated approach, the scammers involved in this fraudulent operation utilized a multitude of mobile numbers and bank accounts to collect the deposits from their unsuspecting victims. Their methods were so convincing that recipients found it nearly impossible to differentiate these deceptive communications from legitimate ones originating from AJIO.

In response to these fraudulent activities, the court has taken decisive action. It has issued orders to freeze not only the involved bank accounts but also to secure the Know Your Customer (KYC) details of the scammers. Furthermore, the court has mandated the collection of account statements from the inception of these accounts to the present date, in a concerted effort to unravel the extent of this elaborate scam.

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Reliance Industries has escalated the fight against fraud by lodging a formal complaint against six entities. These entities stand accused of orchestrating a deceptive scheme wherein they utilized the name “AJIO Online Shopping Pvt Ltd” and a Kolkata-based address to send fraudulent calls and messages. Through these fraudulent communications, they succeeded in deceiving unsuspecting customers, ultimately leading to the illicit extraction of their hard-earned money.

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