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About Brand

The roots of Wakeup was founded in 2014 in Haryana as a sleep solution and furniture firm to revolutionize the Indian furniture mattress industry. Wakeup aims to produce the best & pure wooden furniture and comfortable luxury range mattress.

This thinking drives the team to concentrate on product development innovation, process efficiency, cost optimization, and customer experience perfection. Furthermore, Wakeup’s high-quality goods are more efficient and cost-effective than its competitors.

Wakeup is one of the top mattress & furniture brands in INDIA, managed by the first generation of entrepreneurs. It is one of the fastest-growing furniture & mattress brands in the country.


Our Role

Our online platform for bridges the offline and online markets, reaching a wide audience. With a user-friendly interface, customers can easily browse various mattress categories. We provide a seamless experience, enabling exploration, comparison, and informed decision-making. By connecting offline and online worlds, we offer convenience and accessibility to a broader customer base, making accessible to the masses.