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The news about the merger of JioCinema and Voot has been making waves for the past few months, signalling significant developments in the streaming industry. This merger entails the integration of Voot into JioCinema, which has recently undergone a revamp to include new and premium content.

Initially speculated to be finalized after IPL 2023, the merger has not yet been officially confirmed. Nevertheless, recent indicators suggest that the completion of the merger is imminent. A notable sign is the redirection of to the JioCinema website, demonstrating an alignment of the two platforms.

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Voot App Removed from Play Store and App Store

Further evidence of the merger’s progress is the removal of the Voot app from both the Google Play Store and App Store. Users can no longer download the standalone Voot app, further solidifying the integration of Voot’s offerings with JioCinema.

JioCinema has already initiated the transition process for Voot users, offering a seamless transfer of their profiles to the JioCinema platform. Additionally, Voot Select users were provided with a promotional code to access JioCinema’s Premium membership, which was launched in May at a competitive price of Rs 999 per year, focusing on Hollywood content.

The merger ensures that subscribers do not experience any loss of content, as all Voot shows and movies are available on the JioCinema platform. This consolidation of content aims to enhance the user experience and offer a diverse range of entertainment choices.

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This merger is part of JioCinema’s broader strategy to establish itself as the leading streaming platform in the country. To bolster its content library, JioCinema has secured significant deals, including partnerships with Warner Bros. Discovery for popular HBO shows and NBCUniversal for acclaimed series like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Moreover, JioCinema secured the streaming rights for IPL for five years, making it a popular destination for cricket enthusiasts across the nation.

With Voot’s extensive TV programming and Bollywood content, the merged platform of JioCinema stands to offer subscribers a diverse and comprehensive range of entertainment options, reinforcing its position as a major player in the streaming space.

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