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TikTok has published a new travel marketing playbook, which is designed to help travel-related businesses tap into the rising interest in holidays in the app.

Indeed, TikTok says that 96% of its users are in the market for travel experiences, and 77% of them say that the app has played a role in their most recent travel purchases.

With that type of engagement, it makes sense for travel marketers to be looking TikTok’s way, and the new 25-page playbook, which you can download here (with email sign-up) provides a range of research notes and pointers to help maximize your efforts.

First off, the report looks at overall engagement trends in the app, underlining its growing relevance as a key connection platform.

TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook

The report also looks at key travel trends in the app, and the types of holidays TikTokers are looking for.

TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook

There’s also a range of tips on the types of travel content users are consuming:

TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook

And more specific campaign inspiration points, more aligned with your business offerings:

TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook

There are also case studies, ad type tips, and an overview of how and when to use each element.

TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook

There’s a heap in here for travel marketers, and it’s worth a look, even if you do have to give up your email address and risk future TikTok marketing promotions as a result.

You can access the full TikTok Travel Marketing Playbook here.

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