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May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and TikTok has announced a new line-up of special event programming, as well as a showcase of top API creators, to help promote and share the event with its user community.

TikTok API Heritage Month

First off, TikTok will be running a range of themed live-stream events throughout the month, showcasing API artists, dancers, musicians, and more.

As per TikTok:

“Our #APIFamily live series will celebrate the rich cultural heritage and incredible impact of the API community. Throughout the month of May, we will also spotlight a diverse collective of API-owned SMBs who are using TikTok to celebrate API heritage and uniquely grow their businesses.”

TikTok will also highlight API musicians, with genre playlists to be boosted in the app.

“Our sounds page will feature special guest playlists from Keshi and mxmtoon, as well as genre playlists for Hip-Hop, K-Pop, Indie, #SouthAsian sounds and more! Follow @MusicOnTikTok to tune into our ongoing social programming, set to feature artists Tyler Shaw, Thuy and others!”

TikTok’s also launched its first-ever ‘API Visionary Voices’ group, which will see it promote a range of influential users from the API community throughout the month.

TikTok API Heritage Month

As per TikTok:  

“Our 2023 TikTok API Visionary Voices list honors 15 visionary API creatives, business owners and culture changemakers who are making a positive impact on TikTok and beyond. These innovative creators use their platforms to celebrate, honor and continue shaping the legacy of API heritage. This year’s honorees are recognized across three categories: Creators, Industry Disruptors and Small Business Owners.”

TikTok continues to highlight community engagement and celebrations, as part of its broader push to better ingratiate itself with different segments, while also seeking to increase its connective value to more groups, in order, potentially, to make it harder to ban.

Which probably won’t work, but it’s good to see TikTok promoting more community celebrations and events, in recognition of the cultural contributions of all users.

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