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Meta Platforms executives are putting significant efforts into improving user retention on their recently launched Twitter rival, Threads. CEO Mark Zuckerberg conveyed to employees on Thursday that the app experienced a substantial drop in users, losing more than half of its user base in the weeks following its high-profile launch.

During an internal company town hall, Zuckerberg mentioned that user retention on the text-based app surpassed initial expectations, although it wasn’t flawless. The company remains committed to addressing the challenges and enhancing the app’s appeal to retain more users moving forward.

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Threads Looses User Base

Zuckerberg acknowledged that while they had an impressive sign-up of over 100 million users, the retention rate was not as high as desired. The company is actively working to improve user engagement and ensure a better retention rate for the future.

Zuckerberg reassured the team that the drop-off in users was “normal,” and he anticipates that retention will improve as they introduce more features to the Threads app. Plans include developing a desktop version and incorporating search functionality to enhance user experience.

To drive better retention, Meta is actively working on implementing “retention-driving hooks.” For example, Chief Product Officer Chris Cox mentioned efforts to integrate Threads with Instagram, ensuring users can easily access important content.

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These statements from the executives came shortly after Meta impressed investors with a positive revenue growth forecast, signalling a comeback for the company that faced scepticism last year due to heavy spending on the Metaverse while ad sales declined. As a result, Meta’s shares surged by 8 percent on Thursday, showcasing a positive response from the market.


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