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After eliminating 11,000 employment roles in 2022, Meta has decided to lay off an additional 10,000 employees. Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of the company, also acknowledged that the tech behemoth ‘overhired’ employees during the pandemic and is now struggling to survive in the current economic climate. Simultaneously, a former employee of Meta disclosed that she was paid $200,000 (approximately Rs 1.6 crore) to essentially do nothing, as the organization had little work.

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Since the announcement of redundancies at Meta, a large number of employees have come forward to share their experiences. One such worker is Chell Sterioff, who had worked for Meta since May 2021 and was based in the United States. However, her position was terminated abruptly, along with those of thousands of other workers.

At 4 a.m., Sterioff received a letter that would alter her life forever. The email from her employer, Meta, informed her that the day would be her last at the company. Sterioff spent more than a decade at Microsoft before joining Meta. Sterioff described her experience on LinkedIn: “After more than two years at Meta, at 4:06 a.m. I was informed that my position had been affected by #metalayoffs and that the following day would be my last. Thus, I am currently #opentowork.”

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She thanked Meta for all the opportunities, adding, “I am grateful for the opportunity to experience Meta. During my stay there, I learned a great deal. After spending over a decade and a half at Microsoft, I experienced a significant cultural and engineering transition, and I can confidently say that my coworkers embodied the company’s core values, including “be bold, be open, build awesome things, and more.” I will mourn working with my FPM Metamates and FB TPM colleagues. I hope that our paths will cross again shortly in this big-little tech world, and until then, I wish you all enjoy your journey.”

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