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Daily new cases of cyber fraud are observed, indicating a rapid increase. A Mumbai-based educator lost Rs 80,000 in a Provident Fund scam, and a 53-year-old woman lost Rs 87,000 while attempting to order meals online. Now, it has come to light that an IT specialist situated in Pune who was attempting to create additional money through a variety of techniques suffered a loss of Rs. 12.85 lakhs while doing so.

A cybercriminal approached Amrutkar, who works remotely for an IT company based in Bangalore and offered him the chance to earn money from home. According to information revealed by HT, the con artist told the victim he could earn a lot of money by simply posting positive reviews on Google.

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After being requested to click on a message to post reviews, the victim began earning Rs 150 per positive review. After gaining the victim’s trust, the fraudster called him while impersonating him a representative of a company. On the phone call, the con artist asked him to perform a paid assignment to earn more money, but there was a catch. For each duty, the victim was required to pay a certain sum.

Amrutkar was assured that he would receive a refund after completing the assignment. However, he was duped by the scheme to earn easy money, and the impostor transferred Rs 12.85 lakh in five separate transactions into his bank account. After losing all of his money, Amrutkar realized that both the task and its providers were fraudulent. After the con artist refused to return his money, he filed a complaint with the local police station.

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People are urged not to believe or trust every aspect they see on the Internet. Visit the government’s official website to complete your tasks related to Provident Fund and Aadhar Card.

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