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In order to provide consumers access to its video-to-video generative model, artificial intelligence firm Runway, known for creating the AI picture generator Stable Diffusion, has now released its first mobile app. Gen 1 is currently only accessible on iOS devices.

With this, people may quickly create an AI film by recording a video on their smartphones. Additionally, according to Tech Crunch, customers may alter any existing movie in their collection using text prompts, pictures, or style presets.

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The users will be able to choose presets, such as “Cloudscape,” or alter their video to seem like a claymation, charcoal drawing, and more, the article claims. They may enter words or upload a picture into the text field to create four previews from which to pick. The final video will be created in a short amount of time. Only 525 credits are available in the app’s free edition, and only five-second movies may be posted. 14 credits are used in a single second. The business intends to offer new features, make improvements, and provide support for lengthier movies.

Runway’s co-founder and CEO Cristobal Valenzuela said that the firm is concentrating on enhancing productivity, quality, and control. More upgrades, such as lengthier outputs of high-quality films, will be available to consumers. Nudity or content that is copyright-protected is not produced by the app.

Additionally, users cannot produce films that copy the design of well-known IP. There are two premium subscription tiers for the app. The regular plan provides 625 credits each month and costs $143.99 (11,775) per year. Other capabilities include infinite projects, 1080p video, and others.

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The Pro edition, which costs $344.99 (28,212) a year, provides 2,250 credits per month in addition to all of Runway’s 30+ AI tools. Runway released its Gen-2 model in March of this year, allowing customers to create films from scratch. For this strategy, the business has been gradually opening up access to its closed beta.

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