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The pay of freshmen in India is a hot topic on Twitter right now. Others are still grieving over their little pay even after years of experience, while other users share their hardships to survive in metropolises on a meager wage of Rs 20,000 per month. In the midst of all this discussion, interns are being overlooked since they are thought to either get little income or no compensation at all. However, what if I told you that some interns make close to Rs 7 lakh per month? Wow, what a storyline turn!

This is absurd, right? It’s not a dream, however. There are businesses that really offer interns an average wage of around Rs 7 lakh per month. The fact that the list was dominated by large tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta—all of whom are now making layoffs as part of cost-cutting initiatives amid economic crises—only makes the situation even more incomprehensible. But the information above is accurate, as shown by a recent Glassdoor survey on the highest-paying internships.

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‘The 25 highest-paying apprenticeships of 2023’ was recently revealed by Glassdoor, a platform where workers can provide anonymous company reviews. The highest-paying internships this year, according to this ranking, were sponsored by Stripe, a large international digital payment startup.

Based on a 40-hour work week, Stripe interns are allegedly paid an average monthly wage of $9,064 (or Rs 7.40 lakh). This indicates that Stripe pays its interns more than $100,000 a year, or around Rs. 8177,000. The salary package is for interns stationed in the US, thus comparing it to India is unfair, but it should be emphasized anyway. However, things are quite different and salary packages vary greatly in India.

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The majority of the top-paying businesses for interns are in the technology sector, including Meta, Snap, TikTok, Stripe, Coinbase, Amazon, and Microsoft. These are the organizations that recently had mass layoffs. Though Glassdoor can’t promise that all of these organizations will still be recruiting interns during the summer, it can attest that they have a history of paying interns competitively.

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