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At a recent Stripe conference, a startup he has invested in, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI got candid about the state of tech in 2023. The maverick pondered over the impact of AI, work culture, apocalypse and more. Speaking about the post pandemic work culture that gravitated towards full-time remote gigs, Altman remarked that it was a failed experiment. He was answering a question seeking his advice for early stage startups. The team needs to be in the office to grind together, especially at the more ambiguous and early stage of a product.

Inside OpenAI’s Sam Altman’s fixation on death and the apocalypse https://t.co/U1wkHe7S9R

— Insider Business (@BusinessInsider) May 4, 2023

Remember these Sam Altman tweets from a while back?

some remote, but mostly in person.

imo most tech companies who rushed to full remote permanently made a big mistake, and the cracks are starting to show. (works for some!)

hard work is even less fashionable than in-person work, but i still really believe in that too! https://t.co/3cMz461UBK

— Sam Altman (@sama) January 23, 2023

Also, if remote work really takes off, the state of CA is going to have some eye-watering budget problems…

— Sam Altman (@sama) May 21, 2020

For at least the next decade, I’m long in-person work (for the hardest and most creative kinds of work that require collaboration).

— Sam Altman (@sama) October 27, 2020

Altman’s opinion hasn’t changed a bit. He trashed the relevance of work-from-home for budding startups. He laments that people assumed that remote could go on forever and there would apparently be no loss of creativity. That teams don’t need to be together in a startup to huddle. Per Altman, this was the industry’s worst mistake.

The OpenAI founder remarks that the current technology to facilitate full throttle remote work is not there yet. He says that it is ‘not good enough.’ That experiment is over, according to the techpreneur.

The whole debate about work-from-home has been a nagging issue with CEOs and founders of late. Either it’s the paranoia created by the boss of bots stealing the jobs or a strict edict warning employees to walk back to offices. Amid all of this brouhaha, remote job scams have crippled the careers of youngsters.

Shouldn’t the tech bosses be looking for balance with a more lenient hybrid work culture, enabling both tech and team work. No?

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