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Desis are unrivaled for their unique judgaad and unconventional way of churning money outta misery. Even as the RBI called for a withdrawal circulation of Rs 2000 notes last Friday, commoners have been wondering did they actually exist in the first place? Within a year or two of demonetization in 2016, these pink prickly notes disappeared. However, there are no dearth of hoarders, who actually had stashed bundles. Now, everyone’s coming out of the woodworks. But apparently not everyone. So how is RBI dealing with this? Here’s how a Delhi based meat shop is luring customers with Rs 2000 notes. RBI should take note. The notice on the shop says – Get Rs 2100 worth of goods on a Rs 2000 note. Now this is pure marketing genius you won’t find in the west.

If you think RBI is smart, think again cos Delhites are much smarter.

What an innovative way to increase your sales! 😅#2000Note pic.twitter.com/ALb2FNDJi0

— Sumit Agarwal 🇮🇳 (@sumitagarwal_IN) May 22, 2023

Netiznes responded to the post with memes and hilarious reactions. While some admired, others ridiculed the campaign. Some posted similar campaigns generated by others. One user jibes – new technique to convert black money. Another user remarked that no matter how smart this seems on the surface, it won’t generate sales. Yet another user laments on the whole move by the government that would give free passage to laundering black money.

It won’t increase sales. For the shopping, people will need to have the 2000 rupees note with themselves which is very rarely found . And since the notes are less in hand , so the customer would too be less in number as the one not having 2k note would avoid shopping ..

— Aditya (@Aditya13851418) May 22, 2023

आपदा में अवसर!

— बेबी का बाबू (@Kaal1008) May 22, 2023

In the light of exchange, new technique to convert black money to white money.@dir_ed should take a note of such incident and would collect evidences and catch them red handed.

— Aelixn (@AelixnOfficial) May 23, 2023

Ha ha this also #2000 note pic.twitter.com/i0quXyY5rw

— abhimanyu (@dr_abhatia) May 24, 2023

आम आदमी के पास 2000 की नोटे है कितनी ? लगभग 2 साल से हमने तो शक्ल भी न देखी उसकी!

— Vinod Kumar (@Vinoo201) May 22, 2023

Balck ko white krne ka sahi tarika hai. Iske pass 2000 ke note pade hoge. Aise easily black ko white mein convert kr payega.

— Mr.Professor 🜃 (@iMrProfessor) May 23, 2023


— Hardik Bhavsar (@Bitt2DA) May 22, 2023


— Amit B Kothari (@amit2891981) May 22, 2023

by removing identity for depositors of 2000 notes #rbi created a safe passage for black market to launder their booty .#Note2000

— Bankim Mistry, Chakala, Andheri, Mumbai, India (@BankiMistry) May 23, 2023

In the meanwhile, customers with the pink note are turning to businesses like jewelry, real estate etc. to exchange theirs. In the metros, many customers are now paying Cash on Delivery with a Rs 2000 note. Most exchange of the denomination is seen in petrol pumps giving banks a run for their money.

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