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Tecno is gearing up to introduce its POVA 5 smartphone series in India, and the company is already building anticipation through teasers on Amazon’s microsite and Twitter. One of the key attractions of the Tecno POVA 5 Pro is its rear design, which showcases eye-catching LED lights. While the concept may be reminiscent of Nothing Phone (2), Tecno adds its own touch with a distinct design and pattern for the LED lights. Smartphone enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the launch of this unique and visually appealing device.

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Tecno has delighted its audience by sharing a captivating 14-second teaser video on Twitter, offering a sneak peek at the mesmerizing LED lights on the POVA 5 Pro. The rear design of the phone is a visual treat, featuring LED lights in a stunning array of at least five vibrant colors. Three illuminated strips gracefully converge at a central point, creating an impressive and dynamic effect.

Groove with the Glow 🤩
Your music sets the stage for a dazzling light show 🌈

With you music synced to the Arc lights, which song would you play first? #POVA5Series. Arriving soon.
Know more 👉 #TECNO #ArcInterfaceByPOVA

— POVA Mobile (@pova_mobile) July 27, 2023

Moreover, a tiny LED positioned at the center of the rear panel adds to the allure, forming an elegant circular pattern. Tecno’s innovative approach to LED lighting sets the POVA 5 Pro apart, making it an enticing choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

Tecno’s upcoming POVA 5 Pro smartphone features a striking ‘Arc’ interface with vibrant LED lights. While the exact functionalities are undisclosed, the teaser confirms they light up during incoming calls. Expect further features like notifications and charging synchronization, similar to Nothing Phone (2) and Infinix GT 10 series.

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The teaser showcases the rear cameras placed at the top-left corner of the Tecno POVA 5 Pro smartphone. As for specifications, rumors suggest it will boast a massive 7,000mAh battery with 68W fast charging support. This phone will be the second in the POVA 5 series, succeeding the launch of POVA 5 in certain markets.

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