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Whoops, Samsung Workers Accidentally Leaked Trade Secrets Via ChatGPT

Trade Secrets Leaked via ChatGPT

Never forget that anything you share with ChatGPT is retained and used to further train the model. Samsung employees have learned this the hard way after accidentally leaking top secret Samsung data. Samsung employees accidentally shared confidential information while using ChatGPT for help at work. Samsung’s semiconductor division has allowed engineers to use ChatGPT to […]

Scientists Claim That Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Overtake Humans Soon

Artificial Intelligence overtakes human soon.

We are approaching a significant technological era: the emergence of AI. Recent breakthroughs have increased the capabilities and intellect of artificial intelligence to a point where it may begin to surpass human intelligence. This is shown by OpenAI-built ChatGPT. Based on the GPT-4 language processing paradigm, this artificial intelligence chatbot can take enormous quantities of […]