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Hundreds of users were affected by a glitch in Twitter that restored deleted tweets and retweets without their knowledge. Twitter has not yet acknowledged the problem or issued a patch. Tweets that users had bulk erased are reportedly reappearing on their accounts.

This month that he had erased all of his tweets—just under 5,000 of them—but he could now see that Twitter had restored a few old retweets.

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Because I tweeted about it, you know that I erased my tweets on May 8th. Yet, without surprise, Twitter brought back some old retweets when I checked my timeline this morning. It’s another example of Twitter’s flaky infrastructure,” he said on the microblogging service. Open-source programmer and ex-CTO/Chairman of SmoothWall Richard Morrell had the same issue.

In November of last year, I erased all of my Tweets. Absolutely everyone. Then I opened up Redact and removed every single one of my likes, media files, and retweets. We lost 38k tweets. He then reported that he had woken up to discover 34,000 of them restored by Twitter, which had apparently brought a server farm back up.

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According to ZDNet, Morrell has received complaints from around 400 users who have had their deleted communications returned. He claimed that over a million tweets involving persons in his inner circle had mysteriously resurfaced. According to reports, deleted tweets dating back to November 2022 and before are being resurfaced. Morell was certain that the tweets were from a specific time and date since they were all restored. Twitter has not yet responded to the claims.

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