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Sony’s highly-coveted PlayStation 5 debuted in 2020, sparking a frenzy among gamers who often considered themselves fortunate if they managed to secure a unit. For well over a year, the gaming community grappled with an acute shortage of the console, making each successful purchase a triumph. However, earlier this year, the PS5 scarcity officially came to a close, and enthusiasts could easily acquire one through online or offline retail channels.

Yet, a thrilling revelation has taken the gaming world by storm – the PS5 is now available at a remarkable discount of Rs 10,500. That’s right; the opportunity to own this gaming gem at a reduced price is causing quite a stir.

Song PS5 Massive Discount

During the ongoing Lotus Electronics Sony Days event, the PS5 (Disc Edition Double Dual Sense Bundle) is being presented at an attractive, effective price of Rs 48,490, reflecting a substantial discount of Rs 10,500 on Lotus Electronics. This exclusive opportunity is accessible both in-store at any Lotus Electronics branch and through their official website. The Sony Days event, which was initiated on October 27, is set to conclude on October 29.

Moreover, for enhanced convenience, the console is also available for online purchase via the official Lotus Electronics website at a price of Rs 48,491. In addition, customers can explore flexible EMI payment options and capitalize on a variety of bank offers to further reduce the overall cost of acquiring the PS5.

Sony recently unveiled a sleeker iteration of the PS5 just a few days ago. This new version boasts a 30% reduction in volume and is noticeably lighter than the original PS5. Additionally, there have been some noteworthy design changes to enhance the console’s aesthetics.

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