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It sounds real annoying to try and use a Google Pixel device right now.

As spotted by 9to5Google, owners of Google’s flagship smartphone line are reporting constant, annoying app crashes across various apps. While I haven’t encountered this myself (I’m not a Pixel user), apparently apps will just close immediately after they’ve been opened.

Pixel 6 and 7 phones seem to be especially affected, at least if Reddit is to be believed. There are multiple threads from Pixel 6 and 7 owners complaining about these issues. According to at least one thread, the issue seems to be related to the Carrier Services app and can be remedied by updating (or uninstalling and reinstalling) that app. However, others have claimed this didn’t work entirely.

Other possible fixes include restarting the device or, as a last resort, performing a factory reboot and resetting your phone using a backup. That sounds…inconvenient, but if nothing else works, it’s worth a try.

Just don’t forget to, you know, create a recent backup point.

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