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Google CEO  Sundar Pichai, recently gave an interview with The New York Times in which he discussed the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the concerns that have been raised about it. “In response to this particular event, I expect there will be a considerable amount of social transformation.

As a consequence of this, he said that it is likely that each of us would need to make some modifications to the plans that we had previously made. He also addressed the concern that some software developers have about the possibility that their work may be taken overtechnologies that use artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT.

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“I believe that persons who are working in the field of software engineering will find that two things are also true for them. The first benefit is that tedious programming tasks will become easier to do, which is a huge time saver. This has the potential to one day make writing code more pleasant, much in the same way that Google Documents has made writing easier. As a result of this, if you are a programmer, I believe that having such collaborative IDs with the technology already built in would, in the long run, make things simpler for you to deal with “he had remarked.

Over the course of the podcast discussion, Pichai placed a focus on the advantageous characteristics of AI chatbots and spoke highly of their potential. He stated his conviction that coding will become more approachable in the foreseeable future as a direct consequence of the development of tools such as Bard and ChatGPT. Users will also have the ability to create new things with the use of these tools, which will ultimately result in the development of new jobs. In response to a query on the accomplishments of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, he said that the outcomes of the tournament did not come as a surprise to him. This did not come as a surprise to us since we were well aware of the caliber of the inhabitants in the area, “he had remarked.

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When asked about Bard, he said that Google plans to improve the capabilities of the AI bot over the course of the next several days. He said, “We will be updating Bard to some of our more competent Pathways Language Model (PaLM) models, therefore boosting its capabilities, whether it be in thinking, coding, or solving mathematical issues in a more efficient manner, etc.” er Steve Wozniak is one of the people who just signed a petition that wants all efforts related to artificial intelligence to be placed on hold until regulatory bodies can be formed. The petition makes this demand. The petition requests organizations that cannot only monitor the activities of artificial intelligence (AI), but also establish the appropriate strategy to take with AI as well as the domains that AI should not have access to.

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