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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has so far fared well in some of the toughest competitive exams in the world. It has successfully cleared the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), Wharton’s MBA exam, and America’s Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). It has even cleared Google’s coding interview for Level 3 engineers. However, the mighty AI couldn’t even as much score a grace in India’s toughest entrance exams, including UPSC and *drum rolls* JEE. OpenAI’s chatbot managed to get only 11 questions right, thus scoring negatively. ChatGPT’s abysmal failure in JEE is based on reports by multiple media outlets, including FirstPost, Financial Express.

However, hope is not lost, as ChatGPT scrambled to score 359 out of 800 on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET), attempting all 200 questions. Per Mint, the AI got an average result in the CLAT UG exam, solving 50.83% of the paper correctly. In the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), the chatbot performed relatively okay. It scored 66.4% in the Business Studies Paper of the CUET.

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Meanwhile, the Internet has some of the funniest takes on ChatGPT’s below par performance tryna crack JEE. Curating a handful for your chuckling pleasure. One user challenged the AI to attempt the CA exam. JEE and UPSC is not everyone’s cup of tea, commented another user. ChatGPT should be trained on Sharmaji Ka Beta’s database, said one user. Other users suggested ChatGPT should go prep at Kota. Yet another quipped, ChatGPT would require Indian parenting to crack JEE.

My physics professors in college, all Ph. Ds, shake their heads at the JEE. What can ChatGPT do, then?

— JavaHurricane (@JavaHurricane) April 14, 2023

Try asking ChatGPT to crack CA exams😉 (final level)

— JRD⚡️ (@jaiidesaii) April 14, 2023

JEE aur UPSC kisike bus ki nai hai

— BanRakas (@nonseriousman) April 12, 2023

ChatGPT must be trained on Sharmaji ka beta’s database to crack IIT entrance

— अभ्युday (@Himansh38142609) April 14, 2023

ChatGPT failed to clear JEE exam. @sama next year, maybe 😎https://t.co/jxtklaCzHU pic.twitter.com/P4vO0YliF2

— NextBigWhat (@nextbigwhat) April 13, 2023

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Chat GPT failed in IIT entrance test JEE Advanced, 45% in NEET, 50% in CLAT #ChatGPT pic.twitter.com/qSPVmFKFkz

— Nitin (@iamNitin___) April 10, 2023

I’ll call ChatGPT intelligent the day it cracks JEE. #ChatGPT #IIT #JEE pic.twitter.com/tAP1PiCS7E

— Shaumya Jha (@ShaumyaJha) April 14, 2023

ChatGPT seems to have Indian parents pushing her to sit for every exam. https://t.co/sTZijuHckk

— Pratyush Prabhakar (@pratyushpbk) April 11, 2023

#ChatGPT should go to #Kota.

— Anuraag Saxena (@anuraag_saxena) April 11, 2023

Breaking: ChatGPT to enroll for Allen Classes..https://t.co/z4WWlZKqZn

— Chinmoy Mishra (@ChinmoyAIH) April 13, 2023

GPT scored a 99 percentile in GRE Verbal, 94 percentile in the SAT, a 5 in Advanced History and Biology

But it failed UPSC and JEE miserably

Even GPT needs Indian parenting to eventually succeed 😂🚀 #ChatGPT #GPT4 #AI

— Simranjeet Singh (@Itsexceptional1) April 13, 2023

It’s not a math engine but rather a statistical inference model, commented a user, trying to debunk whether or not ChatGPT is capable of cracking entrance exams. To do that, it would require another model, the user quips.

It is a statistical inference model, not a math engine, it is not designed for math, science, or engineering lol. that would require an entirely different model altogether. https://t.co/GgbPuKufRE

— paarth  (@bluntIITian) April 13, 2023

Meanwhile, one user has a scary premonition about ChatGPT generating questions for JEE soon. Dude, don’t give ‘em ideas.

Nothing to worry , in comming year GPT may generate question for JEE

— Mohit (@Mohitchadduke_) April 13, 2023

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