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It’s chaos on Twitter. #BlueTick trends on the bird app as Elon Musk snatches away blue tick privileges from renowned figures from around the world, including Indian celebrities and luminaries. Amongst those who lost their legacy blue ticks are Bollywood celebs like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and others. Sports figures like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, and others have lost their legacy verification. Among politicians, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, sitting UP CM Yogi Adityanath are the casualties of Twitter’s blue tick policy. Shark Tank India’s Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, ex-shark Ashneer Grover, and others have lost blue ticks.

Vir Das tweeted farewell to the legacy blue tick. The comedian writes that he is okay with impersonators on the platform who will have to take the brunt of everything he has to deal with.

Bye blue tick. I’m okay with someone impersonating me on twitter. YOU deal with the things they call me 😊

— Vir Das (@thevirdas) April 21, 2023

Prakash Raj bids adieu as well. The veteran actor and activist writes that he will continue with his conversations, sharing his journey with the people, and will keep #justasking.

Bye bye #BlueTick …. It was nice having you….my journey ..my conversations..my sharing…will continue with my people … you take care #justasking

— Prakash Raj (@prakashraaj) April 20, 2023

Twitter had earlier pronounced a deadline of 20th April, 2023 for removal of legacy verified checkmarks. Individual users and organizations will now have to sign up for Twitter blue with a monthly subscription. Subscoption via website will cost Rs 650, while from iOS and Android app, the same will cost Rs 900.

Tomorrow, 4/20, we are removing legacy verified checkmarks. To remain verified on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue here: https://t.co/gzpCcwOXAX

Organizations can sign up for Verified Organizations here: https://t.co/YtPVNYypHU

— Twitter Verified (@verified) April 19, 2023

Meanwhile, Elon Musk remarked that he is paying for the new Twitter Blue subscription for LeBron James, William Shatner, and Stephen King. The ‘king of horror’ was not very amused to see himself subscribed to Twitter Blue without consent. However, Elon being Elon, he wrote ‘you’re welcome. Namaste!’

Just Shatner, LeBron and King

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 21, 2023

Meanwhile memes followed.

Bollywood celebrities without #BlueTick be like 😭pic.twitter.com/mMkXWhuuMX

— Prayag (@theprayagtiwari) April 20, 2023

Paid blue tick users on Twitter today pic.twitter.com/DSBcUEFNtl

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) April 21, 2023

no more blue tick 🫡 pic.twitter.com/NXybtndm8p

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) April 20, 2023

Virat kohli without Blue tick😭 pic.twitter.com/QU96OEUITw

— Arun Singh (@ArunTuThikHoGya) April 20, 2023

Blue tick pic.twitter.com/xPJTj8tYKE

— Raja Babu (@GaurangBhardwa1) April 20, 2023

Elon Musk to Legacy Blue Tick holders. pic.twitter.com/vAye38BWGb

— Krishna (@Atheist_Krishna) April 20, 2023

Blue tick hatane ke bad Elon Musk pic.twitter.com/8F7bMSAOH6

— Desi Bhayo (@desi_bhayo88) April 20, 2023

Main un celebs se jinke paas blue tick tha pic.twitter.com/E9J3x82WzW

— Arun Singh (@ArunTuThikHoGya) April 20, 2023

Me (with blue tick) to all so-called-celebs who lost their legacy blue tick: pic.twitter.com/gUsoy74riS

— Faad Dunga BC (@naalaYUCK) April 20, 2023

Life with Blue Life without blue
tick! tick!

— Islamabad United (@IsbUnited) April 20, 2023

Twitter removed blue tick from all the celebrity account pic.twitter.com/XwYxkGgyx0

— Abhishek (@be_mewadi) April 21, 2023

Celebs without #BlueTick pic.twitter.com/Q997PcD97O

— Sachya (@sachya2002) April 21, 2023

Condolences to the Legacy blue ticks. 🙏 pic.twitter.com/Lm017xje3c

— Rofl Gandhi 2.0 🏹 (@RoflGandhi_) April 21, 2023
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