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Reddit users have paid for explicit photographs of an artificial intelligence-generated woman. A few months ago, photographs of the ultra-realistic Claudia character, which was created with the artificial intelligence tool Stable Diffusion, began to appear on various Reddit forums. One user wrote “you’re looking very beautiful,” while another added, “holy crap, you’re gorgeous.” Some users appeared to have identified the AI trickery, alleging that it appeared too processed to be real.

One user wrote, “For those who are unaware, I’m about to destroy your fantasy.” “This is genuinely a creation of artificial intelligence; if you’ve worked with AI image models and created your own for any length of time, you can tell. I apologize in advance if I’ve ruined the surprise for anyone. The developers of the Claudia AI claim that they have already made approximately one hundred dollars through the sale of Claudia’s nudes to members of Reddit who appear to believe that she is a real person.

Researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence said that the images of Claudia revealed telltale evidence of artificial intelligence creation, such as creepy background details and flaws that emerged in a variety of positions. These defects occurred on Claudia’s face in different locations.

The recent rise of artificial intelligence diffusion models has made it possible to implement new trends, one of which is represented by the Claudia character. The most recent versions make it possible to create photorealistic portrayals of both imaginary and actual people, which opens up a lot of creative possibilities. Diffusion models, in contrast to deep fake porn, which uses AI techniques to edit already-existing films, generate wholly new visuals by drawing inspiration from the billions of images on which they have been trained.

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