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Customers of the bank are receiving a message that lay a claim a reward of Rs. 6000 under the 130th government financial scheme of PNB. The claim is verified as fake.

Some of the PNB’s customers are receiving a message that says they are entitled to a reward of Rs. 6000 as part of the bank’s financial scheme. However, the government said the claim is fraudulent. According to the reports, the customers are getting a message of Rs. 6000 reward under the Punjab National Bank 130th government financial scheme.

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PIB also said that the message received through SMS and WhatsApp might include a suspicious link that can steal users’ data upon clicking it leading to financial loss of the customers. Therefore, PIB termed the scheme as fake and not released by the Punjab National Bank.

On the other hand, Punjab National Bank also released a statement asking their customers to be mindful of these kind of fraudulent messages. PNB also said, the fake messages are being circulated in the name of PNB that and is used with an intention of carrying out different forms of fraud such as identity thefts and financial scams.

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The bank also addressed the customers and asked them to practice precaution by not opening any suspicious links that may be targeted to theft your identity. The customers should verify about such schemes through the official channels of the bank and not from random sources.

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