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Samsung is reportedly gearing up to make a significant shift by adopting Micro LED displays for its Galaxy Watch, potentially replacing the conventional OLED screens within the next year. This development aligns with the tech giant’s earlier global announcement of the introduction of Micro LED technology for its 89-inch TV model.

According to information from GizmoChina, Samsung’s venture into Micro LED displays extends to its smartwatch lineup. The technology is already under development, with the expectation that consumers may experience it within the next year, as Research and Development efforts progress. The forthcoming Samsung smartwatch, featuring a Micro LED display, is rumoured to be named the ‘Galaxy Watch Ultra.’

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What Are Micro LED Displays?

Micro LED displays are composed of minuscule LEDs measuring less than 100 micrometres in size. These LEDs are thinner than human hair and possess the unique characteristic of not requiring a backlight or colour filter to emit light and display colour. This intrinsic property results in significantly improved brightness and image quality.

While the adoption of Micro LED displays for smartwatches is on the horizon, the technology’s extension to smartphones remains an intriguing prospect. However, the price associated with this advancement may be considerably high. For context, Samsung’s 89-inch Micro LED display is priced at 130 million won, equivalent to around Rs 80,02,387.

It’s essential to note that Samsung has yet to officially confirm the integration of Micro LED displays in its smartwatches. Subsequent official announcements from Samsung will provide more information on aspects such as pricing, features, and other relevant details.

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