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Samsung Electronics is set to unveil a new foldable phone in Seoul on July 26th. This event marks the first time the company is publicly showcasing a foldable phone in July and holding the event in Korea. With a strong commitment to popularizing foldable phones, Samsung Electronics has made significant changes in terms of timing and location for this release. This strategic decision is aimed at solidifying its position as the leading provider of foldable devices globally.

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A report from a South Korean news publication Chosun Economy has suggested that the company is planning to launch the foldable smartphones on July 26 citing an industry source. The report claims that Samsung Electronics is reportedly moving up its release schedule for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5 foldable phones. Instead of holding an unveiling event in August, as it did in previous years, the company plans to hold an Unpacked event in Seoul in late July. The new foldable phone is expected to be released on August 11 after a public event on July 26.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 launching on 26 July, 2023.

Via:https://t.co/ia4cEfFwdj#Samsung #SamsungGalaxyZFold5 #SamsungGalaxyZFlip5 pic.twitter.com/2cENqVmP1F

— Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd) May 16, 2023

This move is seen as a strategy to boost the company’s performance in the smartphone division, which is needed due to the sluggish memory semiconductor industry. By advancing the release schedule, Samsung hopes to see the “foldable effect” for nearly two months, rather than just one.

Samsung’s decision to move up the release of its foldable phones is seen as a strategic move to stay ahead of Apple’s new iPhone releases in September each year. By releasing their foldable devices earlier, Samsung aims to capture the market’s attention and potential customers before the iPhone launch. Additionally, this strategy allows Samsung to release their next Galaxy S series earlier the following year when the impact of the new iPhones is expected to be less significant.

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In terms of design and usability improvements, Samsung is anticipated to make significant changes to its foldable phones. Specifically, the external screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to increase from 1 inch to 3.4 inches this year. These changes aim to enhance the overall experience and usability of the devices.

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