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Mobile Giant announced that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series has achieved record-breaking sales, surpassing its predecessor in significant countries around the world. The company had previously revealed in February, prior to the release, that pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 series exceeded those of the Galaxy S22 series. Over 60% of consumers had opted for the highest-tier Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Global Sales Record

The company confirmed that the Galaxy S23 series has witnessed a surge in sales by up to 70% year-on-year globally within 47 days of launch. According to the company, in India, the sales of the Galaxy S23 series have been confirmed to be 1.4 times higher compared to the sales of the S22 series. Similarly, in the Middle East and Europe, the Galaxy S23 series has recorded 1.5 times higher sales than its predecessor over the same period of time.

Records suggest that Latin American countries like Mexico and Brazil have witnessed 1.7x times sales compared to their predecessor. These countries started the sale of the devices post-February 24.

Samsung has reported that the Galaxy S23 series has recently exceeded 1 million units in sales in Korea, which is comparable to the sales figure of its predecessor during the same time period. The company has also shared that the global sales of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 were in the ratio of 6:2:2, respectively, with the Ultra version being the most popular among consumers. Samsung noted that the demand for the Ultra models was exceptionally high.

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