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A football betting app scam by a Chinese national and his accomplices in Gujarat has swindled around 1,200 people, scamming nearly Rs 1,400 crore within a span of 9 days.

The main mastermind, Woo Uyanbe, from China’s Shenzhen region, operated the scam from Patan and Banaskantha in Gujarat. The scam was brought to light by the Agra Police, eventually leading the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to uncover the fraudulent scheme involving the Chinese perpetrator.

The scammers used a deceitful app named ‘Dani Data’ to con victims in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Woo Uyanbe spent time in India between 2020 and 2022, forming local connections and promising wealth to lure people. The fraudulent app was launched in May 2022, enticing bets with promises of substantial profits.

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The scam operated with shocking frequency. Every day, the perpetrators managed to steal an average of Rs 200 crore from victims spanning ages 17 to 75. The fraudulent football betting app ran for just 9 days, during which it collected an astounding total of Rs 1,400 crore. Once the 9-day period ended, the app became non-functional, revealing the deception to its victims.

Arrests and Investigation

The investigation led to the arrest of 9 individuals involved in helping Woo Uyanbe move money to China through ‘hawala.’ However, concrete evidence against Woo Uyanbe himself remains insufficient. The alleged mastermind has reportedly fled back to China, where he continues to operate other schemes.

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