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In a crackdown on piracy, the National Police confiscated over 14,000 mobile phone components that were meant to be integrated into thousands of repaired devices but were non-original.

According to reports, this operation led to the apprehension of 47 individuals and was initiated after years of investigation, beginning on January 16, 2020. Over the past year, the investigation persisted, resulting in the seizure of counterfeit parts that replicated those of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

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Dubbed “Rotten,” the operation was named so because it signifies something unpleasant in electronic device repair shops. The targeted components were seized in Malaga, which served as the operation’s central hub. The investigation focused on Klicfone, based in Malaga, which primarily imported these pieces from Asia for sale to repair companies. According to Diario Sur, Manzana Rota and its franchises across Spain were the company’s primary customers.

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Participating in the operation were representatives from affected companies who played a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of the seized pirated pieces, making their confiscation possible. The inspection of premises was carried out in eight provinces across Asturias, Aragón, Castilla y León, the Basque Country, Murcia, and Andalusia, totaling 35 locations. Interestingly, 15 out of these 35 stores were located in Malaga, Spain.

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