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In his latest ‘Power On’ newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicates that the much-anticipated launch of Apple’s self-driving car may not occur until later in the decade. This revelation comes shortly after prominent tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expressed his uncertainty, stating that he had ‘lost all visibility’ on the progress of the Apple Car project, with Gurman now adding that a car is still a way out.

Originally known as ‘Project Titan,’ Apple initiated the self-driving electric car project in 2014.

Apple’s major shift: mixed reality, electric cars. Vision Pro headset debuts early 2024, Apple Car before 2030. Gurman: ‘Apple Car still a way to go.’ Team restructuring foreseen by Kuo. #Apple #AppleCar #VisionPro” 🍏🚗🕶️

— HUMEYRA BERIN (@BerinHumey70165) November 6, 2023

While Kuo previously suggested that if Cupertino does not pursue an acquisition strategy to enter the automotive market, the Apple Car might not enter mass production within the next years, Gurman goes further, claiming that ‘The company doesn’t expect to ship anything until later in the decade.’ To underscore this, Gurman compares the development timelines of the iPad, iPhone, and iPad, which took six years, three years, and one-and-a-half years, respectively. In contrast, Apple’s ambitious self-driving car project has been in progress for nine years.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset, another groundbreaking venture, has also been under development for approximately six years. The tech giant recently unveiled its first-generation mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, and intends to release it to consumers in early 2024.

Back in March of the previous year, Kuo reported that the Apple Car team had been disbanded for a considerable period, jeopardizing the mass marketing of the vehicle by 2025.

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