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On Monday, employees were notified that they would be affected by layoffs, which are job reductions that are occurring across the Walt Disney Company, ESPN’s parent company and corporate owner. In February, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced that the company would reduce employment by 7,000 people either by not filling positions or by laying off employees.

In a company memo that was distributed to employees, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro stated that those employees who were affected will hear from their supervisor as well as someone from human relations this week.

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Pitaro stated in the memo that in order to advance as a core segment of Disney while maintaining operational control and financial responsibility, the company needs to find additional ways to be efficient and nimble. We will keep our workforce concentrated on projects that are most closely aligned with our most important priorities, and we will continue to place an increased emphasis on decision-making and responsibility at deeper levels within the organization.

Last month’s first round of Disney layoffs did not include ESPN as one of the affected companies. In addition to the firings that took place earlier this week, there will be yet another round of layoffs before the beginning of the summer. Off-air employees will be affected by both phases.

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During the course of the summer, there will be a series of personnel reductions involving on-air talent due to the non-renewal of contracts, buyouts, and cuts. It is not anticipated that it will be anything like what took place in April of 2017 when hosts and reporters were all informed at the same time. Mike Soltys, vice president of communications for the company, was one of the individuals whose employment was terminated on Monday. Soltys had been with the company for 43 years. Soltys verified that he was leaving via social media.

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