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Gaming enthusiasts across India endured a prolonged ordeal trying to lay their hands on the coveted PlayStation 5, Sony’s latest gaming console. Discord servers and online forums buzzed with discussions about the relentless difficulties in finding the elusive device on e-commerce platforms. However, the tide turned in March of this year, bringing relief to the Indian gaming community. The PS5 shortage was finally declared over, and gamers rejoiced as the console made its triumphant return to popular online retailers like Amazon, accompanied by irresistible offers and discounts.

The disc version of the PS5 is about to receive its most significant discount yet, and the best part is it won’t be a conditional offer but a straightforward, flat discount. Prepare to indulge in your gaming dreams without breaking the bank as this exciting deal draws near.

PlayStation 5 Amazon Deals

Sony, the renowned Japanese tech giant, has just unveiled an incredible offer for the PlayStation 5 disc version. Starting from July 25 until August 7, the console will be available at a whopping flat discount of Rs 7,500 on Amazon India.

As of the current moment, the PlayStation 5 disc version is listed on Amazon with a modest 1 per cent discount, priced at Rs 54,200. However, brace yourself for even more savings! With the upcoming flat discount, the price will plummet to an exciting Rs 46,700, allowing gamers to grab the console at an unbelievable deal.

But wait, there’s more! For those using selected banks’ credit cards, there’s an additional Rs 2,000 discount on offer. This incredible perk will bring the final price down to an irresistible Rs 44,700.

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