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Lately, any discourse in the country, whether at the dinner table, in the cubicle, or in academia, has sadly turned into a cesspool. Any conversation with the slightest deviation from the ideology of the current dispensation can land you in trouble at the cost of your livelihood (or worse…). Karan Sangwan, a former tutor at Unacademy, was sacked by the edtech company for espousing his views on electing government. Karan is the founder of Legal Pathsala on YouTube and has an LLM in Criminal Law. According to his profile on the portal, Karan joined the edtech firm in February 2020, at the height of the pandemic. On August 19, the law tutor, during his online class, appealed to his class to vote for educated candidates. It stirred the right winger hornet’s nest, causing much uproar. Following which Sangwan was sacked from his duties.

Roman Saini, the co-founder of the edtech firm, remarked in a statement that the sacking of Sangwan was due to a breach of contract. Per Saini, a classroom is not a place to share personal opinions. Saini has since blocked replies to his tweet.

We are an education platform that is deeply committed to imparting quality education. To do this we have in place a strict Code of Conduct for all our educators with the intention of ensuring that our learners have access to unbiased knowledge.

Our learners are at the centre of…

— Roman Saini (@RomanSaini) August 17, 2023

The unfortunate sacking of the tutor for merely suggesting how to vote got X/Twitter into action. #UninstallUnacademy started trending and within 24 hours there were over a lakh uninstallments, making the app enter breakout stage.

Breaking : Unacademy app is now in the breakout stage in Google trends Uninstaller database.

An app goes into this stage when more than 100,000 uninstalls are recorded within 24 hours.

Unacademy is suffering for siding with the dictators. #UninstallUnacademy

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

Here’s how the internet is reacting to Mr Sangwan’s dismissal from Unacademy.

Unacademy Sacks Teacher Who Asked Students To Vote For Educated Candidates

— NDTV News feed (@ndtvfeed) August 17, 2023

The biggest takeaway from the firing of Karan Sangwan by UnAcademy is that even Bhakts know that his degree is fake.

— Punit Pania (@Punit_Pania) August 17, 2023

Hi @RomanSaini, please ask ur people at Graphy to stop pestering us. We at Deshbhakt work with people who have a spine.
If appealing to students to vote for educated candidates is breaching ur ‘Code of Conduct’ then its time u stop calling urself a learning / education platform.

— The DeshBhakt 🇮🇳 (@TheDeshBhakt) August 17, 2023

Meet Roman Saini, Co Founder of Unacademy and a BJP Bhakt

Today, he fired Karan Sangwan stating that he shared his personal opinions om Unacademy which is a breach of its code and conduct.

Fun Fact is that a few years ago, when he worked as an educator, he made 100s of videos…

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

Hi guys, thanks for your support. I take back my words I said in my last lecture at unacademy.

However, I would like to say that if you want to vote, vote for anyone but don’t vote for Roman Saini’s fake father.

— Karan Sangwan ❁ (@ZackRhea) August 17, 2023

Simply put

— Mr.Fixit (@yippeekiyay_dk) August 17, 2023

Roman ji, opinions & debates are the essential part of learning and that too specially in the legal education field.

Karan Sangwan only advocated for the educated leadership. You are earning millions just because of that very education. Your move is cowardly & selfish. 👎

— Rofl Gandhi 2.0 🏹 (@RoflGandhi_) August 17, 2023

Unacademy educator Karan Sangwan has been sacked from his job today.

Last week he called out “Not to vote for politicians who are not educated”.

This statement has hurt BJP as they feel this statement was directed to PM Modi.

UNACADEMY was in pressure from BJP leaders to…

— Mahua Moitra Fans (@MahuaMoitraFans) August 17, 2023

.@niiravmodi and I started this trend #UninstallUnacademy to take a stand against the bullying of a young talented teacher by the govt and cowards Unacademy.

We reached out to many big handles to ask them to join us, they all refused because they get paid tweets by unacademy. We…

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

You can be the most powerful man in your country with academicians and scholars genuflecting to you, but it’ll still agonize every ounce of your being every time someone points out your lack of education.

That’s what illiteracy does.

Makes you perpetually insecure.

— Amit Schandillia (@Schandillia) August 17, 2023

An institution that cannot stand with its teacher for saying don’t vote for uneducated leaders can never think about the future of its students.#UninstallUnacademy

— Narundar (@NarundarM) August 17, 2023

Karan Sangwan breached the code of conduct of an education platform by asking students to vote for educated leaders.

Ok then.


— meghnad 🔗 (@Memeghnad) August 17, 2023

This is Roman Saini, Co Founder of Unacademy and a fascist enabler.

Through his educators, he constantly pushes to praise the Modi govt and its policies, no matter how bad they are.

Here, he is justifying the termination of Karan Sangwan just for asking people to elect…

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

Educator Karan Sangwan was fired from his job at @unacademy for asking his students to elect educated people.

Meanwhile, Sadhvi Pragya who can’t spell ‘India’, is sitting in the Parliament.

— PuNsTeR™ (@Pun_Starr) August 17, 2023

For all those wondering why #UninstallUnacademy is trending, let me break it into simple words for you.

A law educator at Unacademy , a few days ago urged his students to vote only for educated leaders , he did not even name anyone.

Unacademy today fired that teacher because…

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

Right Wing BJP supporters are calling for beheading of Karan Sangwan who merely asked people to vote for an Educated leader.

They are even using Mahadev’s pic here.

This is an insult to all Mahadev devotees.

BJP should be throw out for insulting & using Hindus.…

— Spirit of Congress✋ (@SpiritOfCongres) August 17, 2023

Spellings of Unacademy 😂😂

No wonder Bhakts outrages when Karan Sangwan asked people to vote for Educated leaders.#UninstallUnacademy

— Nimo Tai (@Cryptic_Miind) August 17, 2023

Just two pics to understand why Karan Sangwan was fired by Unacademy.#UninstallUnacademy

— Nimo Tai (@Cryptic_Miind) August 18, 2023

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Here’s how Mr Sangwan has reacted to the whole fiasco with the edtech firm.

Karan Sangwan’s reply to BJP and Unacademy.

What a brave and courageous man 🔥

Absolutely Inspiring.#UninstallUnacademy

— Roshan Rai (@RoshanKrRaii) August 17, 2023

Here is the official YouTube channel of Karan Sangwan. Subscribe and support him. RT, Quote, Copy, whichever suits you.

— Narundar (@NarundarM) August 17, 2023
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