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The new profiles feature in Outlook for Mac
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has started rolling out a new profiles feature in Outlook for Mac that lets you easily separate out work and personal email accounts with different colored themes. The profiles feature is designed to make it easy to switch between accounts and not send the wrong email to someone or avoid storing calendar entries incorrectly.

If you create profiles for both work and personal you can switch to the personal one and not see notifications from your work account — useful at the end of a work day. A Control + Tab shortcut lets Outlook for Mac users switch between these new profiles. Microsoft has also added automated switching through Siri shortcuts, so you can automatically switch to personal mode at the end of a work day.

Image: Microsoft
Outlook for Mac profile switching.

These new Outlook profiles can also theme the app, so you can have different colors for your work and personal email accounts to once again help keep stuff separate. Outlook for Mac supports a variety of profiles and themes, so you can also use this to manage different inboxes or for tasks and projects. All of these Outlook profiles can also be tied to Apple’s Focus Filters in macOS, so there’s a great deal of automation and profile switching that can be applied here.

Profiles in Outlook for Mac arrive just a month after Microsoft made its macOS email client free to use. Consumers no longer need a Microsoft 365 subscription or an Office license to use Outlook for Mac, a surprise move that makes this email client a solid option for Mac users. Outlook for Mac supports Outlook.com accounts, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and any email account that includes IMAP support.

Microsoft’s latest profiles addition to Outlook for Mac is available for Microsoft 365 Insiders in the 16.70 (Build 23021201) or later updates. If you’re not a Microsoft 365 Insider you can sign up, or wait for the feature to rollout more broadly in the coming months.

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