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Ola boss Bhavish Aggarwal’s latest X post has all the dog lovers fawning over. The picture shows ‘Bijlee’ peeking through the sofa at the Ola headquarters. Bijlee is an adopted puppy that the company’s founder introduced as a colleague on X in August 2023. The canine friend has even got an official badge with an employee code of 440v. The blood group on Bijlee’s badge reads PAW + Ve, with emergency contact mentioned as Bhavish Aggarwal’s office.


— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) November 8, 2023

New colleague now officially!

— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) July 30, 2023

While there were quite a few posts adoring Bijlee sneaking through, Bhavish’s tweet was flooded with grievances. Many customers of OLA Electric slammed Bhavish and the company for substandard services. Few expressed their concern over the relentless delay in delivering the vehicle, despite having paid in full. A handful of users complained about the locked side stand on the bike. They urged Bhavish to enable the side stand. Others took a jibe at the company’s customer service. One user posted about the shoddy state of affairs at OLA Hyper Charging Stations. The user remarked, ‘maintenance par bhi dhyan do.’ ‘Focus on service first’ jibed another user. Yet another user asked, ‘Kya service hai aapka?’

Please Upgrade your third class #customer care and #backend customers are getting frustrated due to #delayed services, which are making them afraid to buy this. I didn’t got any call or update from your team since booking and it’s been almost 3 months.

— prateek sharma (@prateek_2811) November 8, 2023

Please enable the side stand i am irriated now to complaint manytimes but till now side stand sensor not enabled please enable the side stand sensor which is disable before now sensor is replaced so side stand sensor will enable then it works please enable the side stand🤬🤬

— Unknown A (@AS119f) November 8, 2023

Sir jara Hyper Charging station ki maintenance par bhi dyan de lo.
Delhi jesi jagah par bhi apake station work nahi karte.
BPCL Station Nelson Mandela Road

— brahmjeet kumar (@kumar_brahmjeet) November 8, 2023

Sir Please focus on Services first

— Nitish (@nitishsuba) November 8, 2023

6 months 6 din ho geya service k liye ek call bhi nehi aaya.. Kya service he apka

— uttam meher (@uttam_meher) November 8, 2023

@bhash @OlaElectric Really Frustrating. Firstly my delivery date was 1 nov,then 9 and now again delay by 16 nov. Hum Customer pagal hai kya Full Payment dene ke bad ye frustration hum kyon sahe @OfficeOfRKSingh @kgahlot. Disgusting. I Want My Ola Pro 2nd Gen Delivery bfr Diwali

— Advocate Rahul Yadav (@rahul_yadav1588) November 8, 2023

Currently, there are three models of Ola electric bikes available – 1) Ola S1 Air at Rs 1,19,999; 2) Ola S1 X+ at Rs 1,09,999; and 3) Ola S1 Pro Gen2 at Rs 1,47,499.

Here are a handful of tweets about Ola’s electric endeavor that have allegedly caused more trouble to the customers off late:

Ola’s bikes themselves don’t work for 70 hours.

— Navin Noronha (@HouseOfNoronha) November 3, 2023

@nitin_gadkari @sanghaviharsh You guys have to take action on this kind of issue. thousands of users are suffering from this issue, Ola service centers have lots of not working Ola bikes, and they have no solution / no response.

— Vishal Patel (@vishalpatel1327) November 6, 2023

@bhash will keep caring on dogs instead ola bike customers
plz care about ola bike dogs sleeping in #indranagar service centre from months & count how many bikes r there u will get Good experience 😂😂 & u know how ur service team working on it 😴😴

— Kumarnandish (@kumarnandish77) November 2, 2023

Just like Diwali is a festival of lights, ola electric bikes these days are no less than fire crackers 🤣

— Harsh Kothari (@TheHarshKothari) October 31, 2023

My bike was dead for 15 days .. after so many tweets and calls ,person arrived took it for service now it’s 7th day I still have no clue why bike is not returned
Nearly 22 days now I don’t have a bike .. I only had single bike sold it to buy ola .
@bhash anything worst than this

— Sangamesh Rodda (@sangurodda) November 7, 2023

Hi @OlaElectric @ola_supports what is this sorcery?
Don’t even ask to send details 🤣

— Bivash (@BvashR) November 5, 2023


Ever since the launch of their scooters, Ola Electric has been facing one issue or another. Recently, customers were protesting in front of a showroom in Madhya Pradesh.@sahaprd explained why the new scooters have the same old problems.

— The Morning Context (@MorningContext) November 6, 2023

Maybe Bijlee can help troubleshoot some.

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Cover Image: Twitter/Bhavish Aggarwal

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