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Former shark at Shark Tank India, Ashneer Grover, is known for his contentious take on everything under the sun, from taxes to education. The IIT Delhi grad has now stirred the internet by comparing admissions for nursery education with India’s toughest competitive exams – the IITs. Grover took to X/Twitter and remarked that it’s tougher to get a toddler admitted to a nursery than to enter IITs. Especially that one private school you have been prospecting for. The former BharatPe founder and boss quips that the growing demand for coveted schools far outstrips the supply. Grover jibes that if nursery seats were auctioned in the Delhi NCR, it would give the IPL a run for its money.

It’s tougher to get your 4 year old kid admission in Nursery in your preferred private school, than it is to enter IITs. At least in Delhi NCR. Ask any parent who has gone through the process in last 10 years. Demand for coveted schools far outstrips supply.

If nursery school…

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) August 28, 2023

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The internet was quick to respond to Ashneer Grover’s hot take on nursery schools in India. One user complained about the state of affairs at a government school that refuses to upgrade.

Unfortunate that we can’t have more of these coveted schools. Govt schools refuse to upgrade to accommodate the burgeoning middle and lower middle classes.

— Vanamali (@1nemali) August 28, 2023

A few others commented on how education has become a business of late. Hasn’t that been true for decades now? Yeah! With the blooming of the edtech industry, the state of education has plunged even lower.

Education is only becoming business from here.

No cultural or fundamentals driven growth are focused upon.

— Uttkarsh Singh (@Uttupaaji) August 28, 2023

Another user jested that FIITJEE will now launch coaching for parents with weekly tests and Parent-Parent Tutor meetings.

FIITJEE will soon launch coaching for parents!

1) Parents thinking about having a baby in delhi NCR will have high chance
2) Weekly tests and ADR(all delhi rank)
3) PPTM(Parent – ParentTutor meet) on regular basis

— Ashish Dogra (@ashishdogradir) August 28, 2023

Yet another user took a jibe on these alleged 5 star schools. They asked whether these nurseries had produced Olympic gold medals or Nobel prizes.

I wonder why parents go for these hi-fi 5-star schools only bcoz of peer pressure…
What is the success rate of these schools???
Have they produced any Nobel prize winners or Olympic gold medalists…

— Aman Pandey (@RldAman) August 28, 2023

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One user advocated for homeschooling as the better alternative.

I don’t understand why people aren’t opting for home schooling

— Saurabh Kumar (@drummatick) August 28, 2023
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