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Nothing introduced the much-anticipated Nothing OS 2.5 for Phone 2 users. This update brings a range of exciting features, including a monochromatic theme, enhancements to Quick Settings, and more. The standout feature of this update is its foundation on the latest Android 14 OS. However, it’s important to note that this is a beta release, meaning it’s not the final version. Yet, for those who signed up for the Open Beta update, it offers an early taste of Android 14 and the additional features introduced in Nothing OS 2.5.

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What’s new?

The update offers users the choice to opt for a monochromatic theme within the basic colour settings. A new back gesture while interacting with apps has been introduced, alongside an updated Quick Settings layout and the inclusion of Nothing earbuds icons. Users will find an expanded range of Lock Screen shortcut options, such as do not disturb, mute, QR scanner, and video camera.

One notable improvement is the ability to adjust ringtone and notification sound volumes separately through the updated volume control interface. Additional regional settings have been integrated as well. The Nothing OS receives its own set of enhancements, including an updated widgets library interface, a new photo widget for displaying favourite photos on the Home and Lock screens, and a new screenshot editor with advanced editing capabilities. A quick deletion option is now available.

Nothing has also added the option to hide app icons on the Home Screen and app drawer. To reveal hidden apps, users can simply swipe right. Moreover, a three-finger swipe now enables taking screenshots, and the double-press function of the power button is now customizable.

The update brings a revamped joint Home Screen and Lock Screen customization page, providing a comprehensive view of customization options. A glass filter for wallpapers has been introduced, along with solid colour wallpapers for those seeking a cleaner and minimalistic Home Screen appearance.

How to update?

To update, ensure your device is on Nothing OS 2.0.3 and download the Beta file. Install it from downloads, then navigate to Settings > System > Update to Beta version, tap ‘Check for new version,’ and proceed with the update process.

For those experiencing unbearable bugs in the beta update, rolling back is an option. To do so, download the rollback package for Nothing OS 2.0.3 and head to Settings > System > Update to Beta version, tap ‘Import file,’ and select the downloaded rollback package. Keep in mind that rolling back results in a factory reset.

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