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In order to improve user privacy and the app experience overall, WhatsApp often rolls out new features. The most current version adds new capabilities for Groups, a new WhatsApp client for Windows desktops, and other things.

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new edit message function that would enable users to make changes to already-sent messages.

WAbetainfo claims that WhatsApp is creating a new edit tool for the next app releases. Instead of deleting the whole message or sending a new one with changes, this feature will enable users to modify their sent messages in the conversation and correct or update any information inside the message.

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Users will have a 15-minute window in which to amend any sent message using WhatsApp’s forthcoming edit message functionality. Users will be able to utilize this functionality to fix any errors or supplement the original message with new information. This functionality will be very helpful for people who want to change just certain words, as opposed to the current delete tool that deletes a complete message for everyone.

Notably, the message bubble will display an “edited” label when a message has been modified for both the sender and the recipient to see. Additionally, this function will only work with the most recent version of WhatsApp and will only allow you to change messages, not media captions. The functionality is presently being developed just for iOS users, and it will soon be made available for beta testing. Future versions of the app will likely include this capability.

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In the meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on a brand-new ‘Video Message’ feature for iOS users that will enable users to send 60-second-long video notes in the same way that voice notes are sent. By pressing the camera button and recording themselves or any movies for a little period of time, users of WhatsApp’s video note function will be able to create brief videos similar to those made possible by the video note tool in Telegram.

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