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The UK-based consumer technology company Nothing, which is run by Carl Pei, has released a variety of earbuds throughout the years. The Nothing Phone (1) may be the company’s breakthrough product. The Nothing Ear (1) was the company’s first-ever product, while the Nothing Ear (2) is its most recent offering.

In addition, the business last year introduced the Nothing Ear (Stick). The most recognized earbuds in the world, the Apple AirPods Pro, are touted to be an inexpensive alternative to the company’s newly released Nothing Ear (2) premium in-ear earphones.

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One of the friendliest tech CEOs on Twitter, Carl Pei often reviews items from competing companies. Pei examined the Apple AirPods Pro in his most recent video and contrasted them with the Nothing Ear (2). Pei made an unexpected statistic known when expressing his opinion on the AirPods.

Pei said that compared to Android users, iPhone users are more likely to purchase Nothing Ear items. “iPhone users make up the majority of customers who purchase our ear items, beginning with Ear (1), Ear (Stick), and Ear (2). Therefore, these goods are used by more iPhone users than Android users. According to Carl Pei’s video.

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The claim may come as a shock to many considering that the Nothing products were thought to be best suited for Android smartphones and that not many Apple consumers are comfortable utilizing items from outside the ecosystem. The business is preparing to disrupt the luxury smartphone industry with the Nothing Phone (2) after entering the premium earphones area with the Nothing Ear (2). The successor to the Phone (1) has not yet begun to hint anything, and it is expected to appear next week. One of the first nations to get the new Nothing phone is reportedly India.

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