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In recent months, HMD Global made significant strides in the Indian market by launching the Nokia 105 (2023), a feature phone that supports India’s cutting-edge Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system. This innovative device introduced 123PAY, an ingenious solution that facilitated UPI payments even without an internet conneaction, providing seamless and convenient transactions. Building on the success of the Nokia 105 (2023), HMD Global has now unveiled the Nokia 105 Classic in India. This latest offering continues the trend, featuring an in-built UPI application, ensuring users can enjoy effortless and secure UPI payments directly from their phones.

Nokia 105 Classic

HMD proudly asserts that the Nokia 105 Classic has undergone rigorous durability testing, guaranteeing its resilience in the face of the most challenging environments ensuring uninterrupted connectivity regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, this feature phone boasts generous spacing between the keypad buttons, enhancing user convenience by facilitating easy dialling and texting, even in low-light conditions.

Adding to its array of features, the Nokia 105 Classic comes equipped with a wireless FM Radio, providing users with on-the-go entertainment. Furthermore, the phone is powered by an 800 mAh battery, ensuring uninterrupted conversations from sunrise to sunset, emphasizing its long-lasting functionality.

While specific details about the Nokia 105 Classic’s specifications are yet to be disclosed by HMD, the brand has announced that the handset will be available in four different variants. Customers can choose between single and dual-SIM options and opt for models with or without a charger, catering to various preferences and needs. This flexibility in options ensures that users can select a configuration that perfectly suits their requirements, making the Nokia 105 Classic a versatile and tailored choice for consumers.

Nokia 105 Classic Price in India

The Nokia 105 Classic is now readily available in the vibrant colours of Blue and Charcoal. Priced affordably at just Rs 999. To further enhance customer confidence, HMD Global is offering a 1-year replacement guarantee.

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