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Myntra, the top online marketplace in India known for its offers in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, has unveiled a revolutionary function dubbed “My Stylist.” This cutting-edge feature, which is powered by artificial intelligence, acts as an automated personal style guide and offers clients comprehensive support.

This digital style assistant is redefining the fashion and lifestyle purchasing experience. It delivers customized outfit suggestions and proposes full ensembles, promising to change how users shop for their own style preferences.

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In preparation for the 18th iteration of the much-anticipated End of Reason Sale (EORS), Myntra has made unprecedented preparations to cater to customers’ needs for outfit styling. The famous biannual fashion event is poised to take the fashion experience to new heights with the addition of a next-generation product discovery and purchase function. During the next EORS, Myntra wants to provide customers with more choices for outfit styling and a smooth buying experience. The development of “My Stylist” attempts to tackle the difficult issue of selecting the perfect combination.

Styling calls for a thorough understanding of diverse components including color, form, pattern, and fabric, as well as current fashion trends and personal style preferences, in order to obtain the elusive ideal ensemble. ‘My Stylist’ really shines when it comes to meeting these demands in a scalable, automated, customized, and real-time way. This cutting-edge feature satisfies client expectations by providing a personalized style experience that considers all these elements, delivering a smooth and customized trip through fashion.

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The ‘My Stylist’ app, which makes use of artificial intelligence, gives clients detailed and shoppable outfit suggestions based on four different characteristics. These variables include the uploaded photos

from consumers’ offline wardrobes, their app-based purchases and browsing histories, and the most recent platform trends. These components make “My Stylist,” which gives consumers rapid access to a broad range of style choices, more aesthetically pleasing, pleasant, and consequently satisfying.

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