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MS Dhoni with Donald Trump© Instagram

One of the greatest cricketers of all time, MS Dhoni is certainly having fun on his visit to the United States of America. Having recently gone to watch the US Open 2023 Men’s Singles quarter-final match between defending champion Carlos Alcaraz and Germany’s Alexander Zverev, Dhoni has now been spotted playing golf with what seemed to be former US President Donald Trump. The pictures of the two surfaced online and took social media by storm. It has been reported that Dhoni was given an invite for a game of golf by Trump himself.

Dhoni, who used to be a football goalkeeper before making it big as a professional in cricket, tried his hand at golf.

The picture was first posted by Hitesh Sanghvi, an entrepreneur based in Dubai, who is also considered a friend of Dhoni. In fact, when Dhoni had gone to watch the Alcaraz vs Zverev quarter-final in the US Open, Sanghvi had given him company.

“Golf with @mahi7781, @realdonaldtrump and @rajiv.knack…….thankyou mr president for hosting us,” Sanghvi wrote on Instagram as he shared the picture.

A user on X (formerly Twitter), posted a video of Dhoni and Trump playing golf. Here’s the video:

Former US president Trump playing golf with Dhoni.
Thala fever in USA.#dhoni #thala

— RUDRA (@invincibl39) September 8, 2023

The Dhoni fever has truly gripped the United States of America, with videos of his adventures in the country going viral. While it would be a while before fans get to see Dhoni back in cricketing action, it is truly fascinating to see him enthralling fans with his appearances in different set ups.

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