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Apple is getting ready to release the next batch of Macs with next-gen silicon, which is anticipated to appear either by the end of this year or early 2024, in addition to the M2-powered MacBook Airs that will be available this spring.

According to reports, Apple is testing the M3 family of processors, the next-generation silicon, for Macs in the most recent issue of his newsletter, Power On.

Based on the development logs he got, the aforementioned chip is the ‘Pro’ version. The M3 Pro CPU features a 12-core configuration, with 6-speed cores and 6 efficiency cores, according to the developer logs. The processor also features 36GB of RAM and 18 GPU cores.

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A core count increases comparable to the transition from the MI Pro to the M2 Pro would occur if the chip being tested was the entry-level M3 Pro. extra specifically, it would add two extra graphics processors and two more power-efficient CPU cores. The top-end configuration would also see a 4GB increase in RAM.

Apple’s next high-end MacBook Pro chip, the M3 Max, may include more than 14 CPU cores and over 40 GPU cores assuming the other variations follow the same trend and the M2 Max compares well to the MI Max. In a similar vein, the M3 Ultra processor may feature up to 28 CPU cores and over 80 graphics cores.

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A 3-nanometer production technique will be used for the M3 chip series, resulting in a greater core density and better performance. The six M3 cores are thus anticipated to perform better than their M2 equivalents. Apple must first release the regular M3 processor, as it typically does, before the M3 Pro-powered Macs may be purchased. Gurman predicts that the first batch of Macs equipped with M3 processors will be released later this year or even early in 2019. Apple is reportedly developing iMacs, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Air models using M3 processors.

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